14 thoughts that go through my head while co-sleeping with my toddler

co-sleeping with a toddler

In an ideal world my toddler would happily sleep in his own room every night, however there are times when he needs some TLC and we give in to co-sleeping.

Here are 14 thoughts that go through my head when we do:

  1. It’s lovely and cosy us all being snuggled up together; we’re like three peas in a pod.
  2. I need to really enjoy this moment, before long he’ll be all grown up and will have no interest in night time cuddles.
  3. It would be so much easier to enjoy if I wasn’t being kicked every two seconds. Ouch!
  4. As I’m the only one still awake I may as well run through my ‘to do’ list.
  5. I think I’ll finish on item 23 I’m really sleepy now.
  6. They’re actually snoring in unison!
  7. I spoke to soon; that foot in my ear should muffle out the noise.
  8. There’s no way I can sleep with this heat – with three bodies in the bed it feels like the electric blanket’s on!
  9. Just imagine you’re lounging on warm sand on the beach…
  10. I can feel the spray of the sea… hang on that’s not spray! I’ve been sneezed on!
  11. I’m wide awake again now so onto item number 24…
  12. Hold on – why have I only got 3 inches of space and the other two are stretched out like starfish?
  13. Oh well, I just have to be really careful not to…
  14. 3 monkeys lying on the bed, mummy fell out and banged her head, mummy said a bad word and the daddy said ‘No more extra monkeys in the bed!’

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