L’Oreal Paris Studio Pro Review

L'Oreal Paris Studio Pro

The L’Oreal Paris Studio Pro styling range is now dressed in luminous yellow packaging and all the formulas have been updated. I’ve been enjoying putting three of the products in the range to the test!

Sleek It is an ultra smoothing cream, Boost It is a volumising mousse and Lock It is a fixing hairspray.

Now I know L’Oreal Paris Studio Pro is designed for people that like to experiment with different styles but for me all I strive for is sleek lengths and volume at the roots so this is what I’ve been attempting to create.

My hair is thick, has a tendency to be frizzy and hates humidity so I was hoping that using a combination of these three would give me a style I love that lasts all day.

I can get away with shampooing my hair once every three days and since I’ve been washing it less often it actually takes longer to get greasy. It takes me ages to blow dry my hair so as a busy mum I’m glad I don’t have to do it too often.

First up is the smoothing cream, it smells amazing and the texture is actually more like a gel. One thing I hate about oils is that they leave a greasy residue on your hands after applying them but I don’t have the same problem with this. It soaks into your hair straight away ready for blow drying. I love the fact that your hair is not weighed down however I didn’t notice that my hair was significantly smoother than usual. To be fair it states on the packaging that to get a really polished look you need to use it with a flat iron so this would bring out the best results. I would use this again however if I didn’t want to use a straightener I’d need to use a serum once it was dry.

Although my hair has volume I struggle to get it where I want it most – at the roots. While my hair was wet I massaged a small ball of mousse into the roots and then dried it as usual. I definitely noticed a difference as there was more lift however it wasn’t as dramatic as I’d hoped. There was also a slightly sticky/crispy sensation so I think I used slightly too much product. I would normally use a dry shampoo for creating volume and I’m going to stick to that however the mousse would have a more lasting effect.

I fixed my style with Lock It hairspray and the first thing I noticed was the fresh pleasant smell. I was only using it on my hair while it was down to keep away the frizz so I wasn’t testing it’s ‘unlimited styling possibilities’. I was happy with it’s staying power and the 400ml bottle would last me ages. The bottle I received was ‘extra strong’ in number 4 but I think the ‘strong’ version in number 3 would suit me better.

In conclusion the L’Oreal Paris Studio Pro range is great value (all 3 products have an RRP of €6.99) and I was impressed with their endurance. I love the bright packaging and the gorgeous scent I was just a little disappointed that I couldn’t create the super sleek look without using a straightening iron.

*PR samples


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