If ‘Made In Chelsea’ became ‘Mums In Chelsea’

Made In Chelsea


[Lucy is pictured strolling towards Battersea Park playground hand in hand with her young daughter Chanel. She almost walks into Louise who is accompanied by her daughter Louboutin. The sun is shining and there is a soft breeze blowing.]

Lucy: Lovely to see you both!

Louise: You too! Isn’t it funny how we always bump into each other unexpectedly!

Lucy: Girls why don’t you have a play on the swings and let us enjoy our coffees.

Louise: Yes off you go, just be careful not to run around too fast – you don’t want to ruin your blow dry!

Lucy: Oh good point, Chanel that goes for you too!

Louise: I actually don’t know why I bother; she doesn’t appreciate getting her hair done at all. The only reason I do it is because I’d be mortified bringing her anywhere when she looks scruffy. Her hair has a life of it’s own.

Lucy: Really! Chanel loves it, I know she’s only 3 but she’s already got her own sense of style. When we were in the salon yesterday she actually asked for a ‘Taylor Swift’!

Louise: Louby just isn’t a girly girl at all. I took her to get her nails done last week but when I asked her to pick out a colour she refused!

Lucy: What! Did she give you a reason?

Louise: Yes, she said that having her nails done was boring!

Lucy: How strange!

Louise: I know, I was very taken aback to be honest. I’m seriously thinking about getting a DNA test done. (Tears start to well up in her eyes). What if they got the babies mixed up at the hospital and she’s not even mine!

Lucy: You definitely should, how awful.

Louise: Anyway, how was your weekend?

Lucy: To be honest I’m quite annoyed. Stephanie bought Sienna over for a playdate yesterday and then Binky turned up unannounced with Dinky.

Louise: How rude!

Lucy: I got over that as Dinky is normally a very cute kid. Anyway the three children were happily playing dress up together but then I had to bring Chanel up for a nap. She only had 30 minutes but when she came back down Sienna and Dinky were really rude to her. They wouldn’t let her join in with ‘afternoon tea’ and told her she wasn’t invited! I was so shocked as I’d let them play with my most expensive china.

Louise: Poor Chanel, that must have been really hard. It reminds me of that time that I thought Rosie had organised a lunch and excluded me. It turns out that it was a mistake but it still upsets me even thinking about it.

Lucy: I was so proud of the way that she handled the situation though. She gave them her best scowl and said she doesn’t like toxic people.

Louise: Good for her! Now we better go, Louby has a birthday party to go to this afternoon and I need to allow at least 3 hours to get her ready.

Lucy: We better be off too, I promised Chanel another handbag by her namesake. It’s not as if she can buy any other brand! See ya later!

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