Dermablend 3D versus Dream Velvet

Dermablend 3D versus Dream Velvet

It’s all about the base! I’m putting Vichy Dermablend 3D and Maybelline Dream Velvet to the test, so read on to find out which foundation is my product of the week!

Vichy Dermablend has been around for 30 years but this new formula claims to completely cover blemishes with one layer and even improve the skin’s condition. I’ve been suffering from break-outs a lot lately so this couldn’t have come at a better time.

I already own the Dermablend concealer which I use every day and although it covers redness it can’t disguise the bumps that spots create. I was therefore excited to see if the foundation could make my skin look smooth.

I applied it by putting lots of small dots of foundation over my face (as directed in the accompanying leaflet) and then blending it with my fingers. At first the product felt quite thick however as soon as you start smoothing it over your skin it spreads and covers easily.

When I first examined my complexion in the mirror I was slightly disappointed; I think I was expecting my skin to look like I’d been photoshopped. However, while you could still detect the bumps the coverage was great (although I did still need concealer on my blemishes) and it felt really comfortable.

I think the most impressive thing about Dermablend 3D is the fact that it improves your skin’s condition. Normally when I have blemishes I’m desperate to take my foundation off as soon as possible so I can let my skin breathe, however I left this on until just before I went to bed. I also noticed that there was less redness and the blemishes were less inflamed.

Next up is Maybelline Dream Velvet. Again this is a new renovation – anyone else used to use Dream Matte Mousse? This version comes in a tube and instead of a mousse this is a gel-whipped formula. The Dream Blender is a new blending sponge that can be used to apply the foundation and this is what I used.

The main selling point of Dream Velvet is that you achieve a flawless, matte finish and it definitely exceeded my expectations. The coverage was great; it evened out my skin tone and covered minor blemishes but as with Dermablend 3D I still used concealer as well.

The blender made it easy to apply and I liked not getting my hands covered in foundation. I liked the fact that it had a handle and it would be handy to bring out with you for touch ups.

Dream Velvet

As with Dermablend 3D this felt really comfortable to wear and unlike some matt foundations this leaves your skin feeling hydrated. Both foundations claim that your complexion will stay perfect all day however while this is true for Dermablend, by the end of the day Dream Velvet does go a little bit patchy in oily areas.

So, my favourite is…. Dermablend 3D. I was so impressed that my skin actually improved after wearing it and the fact that the coverage stayed the same all day and evening. However, while Dermablend 3D has an RRP of €23, Dream Velvet’s RRP is €12.30 so it is a more budget friendly option.

Dermablend 3D versus Dream Velvet
Left – Dream Velvet in Ivory Right – Dermablend 3D in Nude


*PR samples

P.S I will no longer be doing weekly beauty reviews however if I come across a brilliant product that is specifically aimed at mums or kids I will definitely let you know about it!

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  1. Love it too, especially when my skin is playing up! This is definitely their best formula yet!

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