Anyone Else…? Pt 32

…think that the best thing to watch when you’re desperate for a night out is First Dates. A great reminder to be grateful for the fact that you’re snuggled up on the couch with your ‘date’.

…even more excited about the Bad Moms movie than you were about the first Sex and the City film – it looks hysterical! Definitely one to bring the wine along to!

…often spend so long rearranging the dishwasher that it would be quicker to wash it by hand…

…worry that they’re shrinking all their child’s clothes and then realise it’s actually that they’re growing!

…only use their expensive toiletries when they’ve forgotten to buy their cheap ones. They’re just too pretty!

…can sympathise with Ross struggling to get his leather trousers on (Friends) whenever they put moisturiser on before wearing skinny jeans.

…instantly regret hanging their washing out on the line when they find spiders lurking in their clothes!

…find that a trip to Ikea reminds them of ‘The Generation Game’. A set of crockery, a lamp, a wardrobe and A CUDDLY TOY! 

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