My Little Kicker got his first medal!

Little Kicker

My Little Kicker got his first medal!

Yesterday was the last day of term for my son’s Little Kicker’s class and it’s great to see how far he has progressed since his first session a couple of months ago.

For the first couple of weeks my husband or I would hold his hand and run along with him during the different games. He now confidently runs off on his own needing only the occasional nudge in the right direction from the coaches. The only problem with this is that we no longer get a workout!

The first game this week was running to the ‘beach’ to collect bean bag ‘starfish’ and bringing them back to throw in the hula-hoop ‘pool’. E put his own spin on it and the final time he collected the star fish he hid it under his t-shirt before magically producing it again once he reached the pool – he’s a born entertainer!

There was some dribbling practice (no saliva required) which he’s getting great at and the children then had to do some power shots at the parents and we had to pretend to jump back in alarm as the balls shot towards us. Fortunately none of them are yet able to ‘bend it like beckham’ so there was no risk of injury 😉

Next it was time to net some goals. Each child went up individually and when the whistle went they had to jump over the three rows of cones before kicking the ball into the back of the net. I had brought E’s grandparents along to see him in action so there were three people to high-five after every goal!

The game was then made a little more tricky as the net was turned around and they had to score a back-heel goal which was impressive.

After 45 minutes of fun it was time for the cool down but they were also in for a surprise. Each child received a winner’s medal to wear around their neck to celebrate the fact that it was the last day of term! E was so proud of it but I was even prouder! My Little Kicker did great!

P.S We’ve just found out that we can switch to Saturdays and these will continue until the end of June – hurray!


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  1. It definitely is! My son has only been going a couple of months but I’m sure he’ll keep going for as long as they’ll have him!

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