Don’t ‘Let it go’

Let it go

My son is now three and a half and to be honest I sometimes feel like he’s already grown up. He’s desperate to get bigger (which comes in handy when I explain the only way it’s going to happen is if he eats his vegetables) and he also wants more freedom and independence.

We’ve been discussing school a lot (he starts pre-school in September) and thankfully he seems to be excited about it. Yesterday he even announced that when he starts he wants to drive himself there and that Daddy needs to remember to leave him his car keys!

When we go to the play centre now he rarely asks me to come on the slide with him and at Little Kickers I no longer need to hold his hand. Although I still get a few cuddles a day and he still sometimes asks to sit on my knee he’s often racing around so fast he doesn’t have time to stop and indulge me.

We’re currently getting everything ready for our holidays and therefore I needed a couple of hours to get packed. What was the solution? Frozen of course! We have it on the ipad for him to watch on journeys but he hasn’t watched it on the TV since Christmas. It didn’t bother him that it isn’t exactly seasonal so I left him to enjoy his film and went off to try and squeeze a week’s worth of my clothes into a hand luggage size suitcase.

After a while he called me shouting ‘It’s the song!’ It’s the song!’ I came into the room and sure enough ‘Let it go’ was just beginning. He reached up his arms to me so that I would pick him up and he let me sway him to the music and sing it to him like we’ve done a million times before.

On the outside I was just singing along karaoke style in my voice that would get me booed on Britain’s Got Talent but on the inside I was doing somersaults. He’s still my baby! He still loves to be held! It was four minutes of mummy heaven.

So, my point is that I know many parents are sick of that song but I’m not one of them. Personally I don’t want to ‘Let it go’.

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  1. That is so sweet. My son is six and still loves a cuddle, everyone tells me boys are so affectionate and always love a cuddle from their mam (not sure my 40 year old brother would agree but it has to stop somewhere I suppose!)

    My daughter is two and has never seen Frozen but still loves that song and dances to it whenever she hears it!

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