Respect your elders

respect your elders

We were at the playground yesterday and we witnessed one of the cleverest (and funniest) parenting techniques I’ve ever seen…

We’re in Spain on holiday at the moment but it was overcast yesterday so the park was our best option.

E instantly made some new little friends and the group of them took it in turns to climb the ladder, go down the slide, run over the bridge and peer through some toy binoculars. It’s funny how the language barrier didn’t bother them and it was obvious from looking at the characters on their t-shirts that they had shared interests.

One of the little Spanish boys was accompanied by his elderly grandmother and we were impressed with the fact that she was confident and energetic enough to look after a ‘terrible two’ on her own.

However, the grandson then decided to test her patience. One of his shoes came off and he hurled it off the climbing frame. She quickly retrieved it but the issue she was left with was how to get it back on.

Climbing up to him wasn’t an option so she tried pleading and shouting at him to come down. Not surprisingly he had no interest and was clearly enjoying his position of power. We considered asking if she wanted a hand but suddenly we lost sight of her.

A couple of seconds later my husband nudged me and pointed, I followed his gaze and noticed that she was about ten metres away hidden behind a tree. Interesting idea, so would it work?

We looked up at the boy and he started to look a bit confused. Where had his grandmother gone?? Sure enough after looking in every direction he slid down the slide and started hobbling around in his one shoe. He was heading in the right direction but his grandmother didn’t want to give the game away yet. Rather than risk him sprinting away the minute he noticed her, she waited until he was in arms reach.

Hurray! HerΒ plan had worked! She jumped out from her hiding place, sat the boy down and replaced the missing shoe. I think that lady could give Mary Poppins a run for her money!

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