Anyone Else…? Pt 33 Holiday Special!


…reckon the best thing about being a parent on holiday is that no one will judge you for drinking at lunchtime

…think the only thing worse than packing is unpacking

…have no desire to do anything more ambitious than visit the beach, then the pool, then the beach, then the pool…

…are horrified when they see so much as a cloud while they’re away. If it rains I want my money back! 😉

…go abroad for the heat, yet spend every night shivering because of having the air conditioning on full whack

…wonder how parents ever managed to go on holiday without an ipad. The plane journey alone would be unthinkable.

…think that the all you can eat buffet is a mum’s dream. If your child hates what they’re eating you just go and pick up something else!

…find that when they have a week’s worth of washing to get through they almost wish they’d stayed at home!

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