Not pregnant just doing a ‘Jennifer Aniston’

Jennifer Aniston

Poor Jennifer Aniston! The woman can’t have a sandwich without the press claiming she’s pregnant. When I first saw the pictures of her and Justin on the beach in the Bahamas I was stunned, not because I thought she was expecting but because the former ‘Friends’ star is 47 and she has a fantastic figure.

She is pictured on the front of InTouch magazine with a big arrow pointing at her stomach claiming that this is the first bump pic. However, her rep has denied the claim and insisted that the actress had simply had a big lunch.

Unfortunately I can sympathise with her (not because I’m papped whenever I leave the house) but because I too suffer from bloating. I’m attending a friends wedding this weekend and I already have the fear that if I have too many bread rolls I’ll end up with a food bump and people will think that I’m pregnant (and drinking alcohol).

Usually the best remedy is to wear something loose fitting so no one will be any the wiser about how much you’re expanding. Of course if you’re on the beach that’s not an option unless you want to overeat and overheat!

I remember in one hysterical ‘Friends’ episode Joey decided the best solution for overindulging at Thanksgiving would be to wear maternity pants. Jennifer Aniston better not try this though or it’ll really send the rumour mill into overdrive.

I’m intending on wearing a French Connection slim fitting dress to the wedding so I’m just going to have to fight the cause – wheat, alcohol and caffeine seem to be the main culprits. Unfortunately I’m going to be up at 4am to fly to the UK, I wanted to celebrate by having a few drinks and don’t intend on eating only salad… Looks like I’ll be accepting people’s congratulations on my food baby!

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  1. I have the same problem and found that it was mainly when I ate grains – but ESPECIALLY gluten! I can get away with potatoes, even some rice, but one piece of bread or pasta and BOOM big belly.

  2. I’m not the only one then 😉 I always have gluten free pasta now but still put up with having normal bread.

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