The 10 worst times your toddler needs to use the bathroom


We decided to go to the park earlier to take advantage of the unexpected sunshine. Unfortunately, the second we arrived my three year old decided he needed to go to the bathroom. I didn’t fancy helping him crouch in the bushes (although we’ve done this several times before) and instead legged it to the café around the corner. Of course after arriving huffing and puffing a couple of minutes later he’d changed his mind! By that stage I’d already assured the coffee shop that we’d be back to order a drink so we sat down to catch our breath with a cup of tea and a scone. Needless to say I was left to pick at the crumbs…

Does anyone else find that their threenager insists they need to go at the most awkward times??

Times when your toddler doesn’t need to use the bathroom:

When you ask them to go before leaving the house

Times when your toddler does need to use the bathroom:

When you’re halfway around Ikea

As you plunge into the water at the swimming pool

The minute you pull out of the drive way

When you’ve just passed a service station on the motorway

At the top of a slide at the playcentre

When you’ve secured the perfect seats at the cinema

The minute you sit them in the bath

Just as you reach the checkout at the supermarket

Half way through having their hair cut at the hairdressers

When you’re sat on the toilet yourself

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