Like mother, like son?

Like mother like son

Like any other mother-to-be I used to daydream about what my baby was going to look like. What characteristics would he inherit? Would he get my dark hair and hazel eyes or my husband’s blonde hair and blue eyes? Secretly I was hoping that he would look more like my husband, partly because he was a boy and partly because I think you always want what you don’t have. I find my dark hair and eyes quite boring so I love the idea of having a child with the opposite.

When my son was born of course my first concern was that he was healthy, but as soon as I was assured that he was I began to look at his features. Sure enough, he was like my husband’s mini me. Apparently babies eye colour can change from the shade that they’re born with but E’s never did, his hair also remains exactly the same shade as his father’s. During the Summer their hair is a couple of shades lighter and in the Winter it’s more of a dark blonde but whatever the season they stay in sync.

One of the most common discussion points around babies is ‘Who does he/she look like?’ but in this case there was no need for debate. He is without doubt his Daddy’s double. Of course my husband isn’t always present so on our trips to the play centre, the park or the shops I’ve often wondered if people are intrigued about how different we look. To make it even more confusing, I still have a strong English accent even after living in Ireland for twelve years while my son is distinctly Irish in his pronunciations of words. While no one has ever said anything to me, once I show them a photo of my other half they instantly realise that his features are exactly like his fathers.

A few days ago my cousin tagged me in a photo on Facebook. Clicking into it I was surprised to see an old photo of myself as a baby. The first thing that struck me was how much I looked like E! My hair was lighter than it is now and my face was in profile rather than looking directly at the camera. I could instantly see that the shape of my eyes, eyebrows and mouth were like my son’s. I’d got so used to comparing my son to his Dad I’d stopped looking for similarities between us and I loved the fact that in this pic we too could be twins.

I showed the picture to my son to see what he thought but rather than getting excited he was just annoyed that I’d distracted him from his book. He’s such a little bookworm – just like me in fact!

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