Anyone Else…? Pt 34

Anyone Else

…get annoyed with the ‘family pack’ labels on confectionery? I can manage them all on my own thank you very much!

…think that no one would argue a tomato is a fruit after seeing a toddler’s reaction to eating one.

…unearthed a problem with teaching their child to be kind to animals? Unfortunately, I can no longer hoover up spider webs without feeling like a hypocrite.

…think the best part about enjoying gin is that you can tell your child you’re just having a refreshing glass of water.

…predict that parents who ban toddlers from using ipads will get a shock when their child is the only kid in class who doesn’t know how to work the school text books…

…quite like it if they found out they had a mouse? It would mean there was someone else to help clear up all the crumbs!

…worry that they’ve messed up their child’s concept of time. He now thinks that 1 second = 20 minutes…

…love giving their child a bath purely because it’s the only time of day that they sit still!

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