10 reasons parents will be relieved when the heatwave’s over


It’s great that we’re having a heatwave – right? Wrong! When you’re a parent it just makes life even more complicated…

  1. It’s bad enough that the sun takes so long to go down but when it’s hot too? Can’t sleep, won’t sleep!
  2. You’d think that the good weather would mean less muddy footprints. Unfortunately, once you throw a paddling pool into the mix your floor will resemble a swamp.
  3. The noise! When the temperature goes up, the music gets cranked up. Yes, the heat reminds us of Spain but we don’t want to feel like we’re in a club in Ibiza.
  4. We feel rough enough when we haven’t had a chance to wash our hair or iron our clothes and when a heatwave hits we’ve got sweat to contend with too…
  5. It takes an hour to get a paddling pool ready. It takes ten minutes for them to lose interest.
  6. It’s not raining outside but it sure feels like it! I cannot step outside the door without getting soaked by a squirting gun.
  7. On Summer days the playground is our go-to place. When there’s a heatwave however, going down a metal slide could give them second degree burns…
  8. If you think you’re a patient person; try applying sun cream to a three year old. Now how do you feel?
  9. Mums like things that give them energy such as coffee and chocolate. Unfortunately, heat zaps it so you’re left feeling like you can’t move a muscle.
  10. Have you ever watched a three year old eat a whole ice cream, lick by lick? Just make sure you don’t have any plans for the next two hours…

Now, don’t you feel better about the fact that it will be raining again before we know it 😉


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  1. oh my god my two year old eating a 99 is the most stressful thing to watch ever. so bloody slow it melts everywhere and then she starts crying when it drips on to her hands. cant bear it, roll on autumn!

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