The Fall

The Fall

Kids are smart and as they get older they come up with more and more inventive ways to get what they want. My son’s latest attempt to twist my arm involved some ‘play-acting’ which was impressive, but unsuccessful…

Like most parents, when my 3 year old hurts himself I want to distract him and that often involves giving him a little treat. Recently that ‘treat’ has been a Fruit Shoot drink. He absolutely loves them.

So the other day he asked for one after his lunch but I said no and didn’t think anything of it. The next thing I know he’s fallen on the floor for NO REASON. How strange!

Me: ‘What happened? Are you okay?’

Him: ‘I hurt my leg… Can I have a Fruit Shoot now?’

Me: ‘How about I rub it and kiss it better.’

Him: ‘No, it’s really sore, I need a Fruit Shoot!’

Me: ‘If it’s really sore then maybe we should see a doctor.’

Him: ‘No, it’s not really sore.’

Me: ‘Where does it hurt again?’

Points to his hand…

I have to commend him for his efforts but I still didn’t give in. It was quite a convincing fall but I’m no fool 😉

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