Bad mom alert!

Bad mom alert

Bad mom alert! We have a new family activity that we’ve been enjoying every weekend and it doesn’t involve any fresh air or exercise (unless you can class air conditioning as fresh air and reaching into a bag of popcorn as exercise…)

I don’t know about anyone else but when we wake up (early) on a Saturday morning our main objective is to get out of the house without doing anything too strenuous. Previously we’d have been rushing off to Little Kickers but as they’re on a Summer break we needed a new activity.

Friends had recommended that we take E to the cinema but initially I was unconvinced. Asking a three year old to sit still for an hour and a half – seriously? However, there’s a first time for everything so we decided to give it a go.

I made sure that we arrived a few minutes late, knowing that otherwise E would do his best ‘Hungry Hippos’ impression and the snacks would be finished before the trailers were over. In addition, just before we went in I remembered to warn him that everyone had to be quiet while the film was on. He seemed happy enough with this idea so we opened the door and entered the dark side…

Unfortunately there was a problem with my plan. The movie was just starting, the lights had gone down and we could see nothing. We therefore had to stand to one side while our eyes adjusted and I began to wish that carrots really did help you see in the dark.

We got settled in our seats and I was feeling quite smug that he’d listened to my request for him to keep quiet. However, what I wasn’t expecting was for him to take it upon himself to join the noise police. He started shushing anyone that made a sound and telling tales on those who broke the rules. ‘Mama that girlie isn’t being quiet.’ ‘That boy is being too loud!’ And when I didn’t bat an eyelid he addressed the issue directly. ‘YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO TALK!’ The ironic thing is that by giving out he was being louder than anyone else. Thank goodness no one could see the fact that my face had gone a deep shade of beetroot.

Thankfully he soon decided to step down as Inspector and settled in to watching the film. There was definitely a case of restless leg syndrome and he didn’t stop wriggling or standing up and down for a second but he loved the movie and never said he was bored. I have to admit that I enjoyed myself too; coffee check, comfy seat check, cute film check.

As soon as we left he spotted the poster for ‘Finding Dory’ and asked when we could watch it. Bad mom alert take 2 – I’ve told him it’s not out yet. It’s one thing going along to a kids screening but if he caused a fuss while we were sat with people who’d paid full price then I’d be the one doing a disappearing act and Dada and E would be left ‘Finding Mama.’

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