Anyone Else…? Pt 35

Anyone Else

…wondering which sport their toddler will be competing in at the 2032 Olympics? At the moment I’m thinking gymnastics…

…celebrating the fact that their kid can now dress themselves from head to toe whoop whoop! Now if he could just make his own dinner…

…nervous about their child getting a Nerf gun. The longer he remains oblivious the better. Think I get off lightly with the water pistol now!

…considering counting how many questions their little one asks them every day. Just recently it’s sky rocketed and its making my head spin!

…class a trip to Ikea as a workout. I really should have worn my pedometer because I feel like I did 10k! The mad dashes to bring E to the toilets were definitely a contributing factor.

…happy to no longer need to faff around with dirty, scratched DVDs when their son/daughter wants to watch their favourite film or show. Netflix and Sky Cinema are every mother’s saviour.

…got their hair chopped recently? When you’ve got more than one head to wash it’s a case of the shorter the better!

…regret taking on a little helper for the cleaning. I can no longer get the hoover out without him shouting ‘my turn, my turn!’


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