Leave mums out of music classes

Music classes

They’re the words that every mother dreads ‘Now all the mums can join in!’

I’ve been taking E along to music classes for the last couple of years and while it’s a great opportunity for him to learn about different sounds, rhythms etc it’s also a great opportunity for me to sit down and have a hot drink while someone else entertains him. The trouble is that the class leaders just don’t get it and are only too delighted to shriek out ‘Put down your coffees! It’s the parents turn!’ The look we give them in return should be a sign not to push the issue but unfortunately it only inspires them to embarrass us even more.

In the past I’ve always given in but I’ve decided enough is enough. E is now three, he does not need me to bounce him on my knee or hold his hand any more.

We went along to a Summer kids club last week, where the children were all aged between about 2 and 7. They were therefore well capable of dancing and playing on their own. E was having a fun time and it’s good for him to be mixing with other children without me hovering over him.

I was just having a scroll on my phone (as you do) when I heard ‘COME ON MUMS! JOIN THE CIRCLE!’ Really? Don’t look up, don’t look up. When I thought enough time had passed I glanced up only to be met with a look of disappointment, not from E but from the teacher. I glared back at her and we may or may not have got into a bit of a staring contest. She eventually gave up and carried on with her ‘hokey cokey’ but if she thought I was going to ‘shake it all about’ then she needed a shake. With that seemingly resolved it was back to my ‘me time’.

‘IT’S TIME FOR THE PARACHUTE!’ Oh god, she’s actually going to ask again. ‘We need everyone to get involved and shake it in the air!’ I looked around and no one was budging. We were all taking a stand – by staying sat down. The children all gathered around and happily started shaking the sheet (that looked like something from ‘Joseph and the Technicolour Dream Coat’) and she looked slightly miffed that her persuasive tactics where not working.

I can only assume that if the parents take part then it makes her job easier. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not an easy job, but she’s getting paid to do it, I’m not.

I did feel a teensy bit bad and considered explaining my stance but in all honesty if I told her ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ I would be lying. Who’s with me??

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  1. Aaahh… the parachute! Allergic. Totally with you on this. Not a joiner! I will sing, I will dance l, I will make an idiot of myself with my kids in the confines of my home but not in public if I can help it. And I really would prefer not to have to pay for the pleasure! 😂

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