Are you baby ready?

Are you baby ready

I often get asked how you know when you’re ready to have a child. The truth is, you’re never ready. However, if you like being prepared then work your way through this (tongue-in-cheek) checklist…

1.       Set your alarm to go off every 3 hours during the night, hell why not pull an all-nighter

2.      And if you’re thinking caffeine will sort you out, unfortunately coffee and alcohol are banned for at least nine months

3.      You’re not allowed to wash your hair for a week and showers are limited to five minutes

4.      Nursery rhymes are your music of choice

5.      And while Netflix is allowed, you’ll need to switch to the Kids section

6.      You’ll need to deduct around €900 from your next pay check and that’s only for childcare…

7.       Put on your chef’s hat and spend a couple of hours cooking a healthy meal. Unfortunately, as soon as it’s ready you’ll need to chuck it in the bin (babies are fussier than the bake off judges)

8.      Leave the bathroom door open and let your pet wander in without freaking out

9.      And when you next go for a drive get your other half to sit in the back and throw things at you

10.   While they’re at it, get them to bombard you with so many questions that your head spins

11.    And if you think going for a walk is simpler, make sure you dawdle half the time and sprint the other half. Just think of it as interval training…

So there you go, and that’s just for starters. Don’t worry it’s all worth it I promise 😉

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