Bye bye baby

Bye bye baby

That’s it. It’s official; I have a pre-schooler.

It’s the day that I’ve been both looking forward to and dreading for the last few months. Looking forward to because I’ll have an extra few hours to myself each day for blogging, writing and going to the gym amongst other things. Dreading because it means he’s definitely now a ‘big boy’. I’ve been telling him that since he can walk and talk but now I really mean it. The fact that he can manage quite happily without me for three hours each day means he’s definitely no longer a baby. Of course he’ll always be my baby but the fact he no longer needs to be fed, carried or dressed suggests that he’s now Mr Independent.

Here are ten thoughts that went through my head on his first day of pre-school:

1.       Why didn’t we get up earlier? You’d think two hours was plenty, turns out I didn’t factor in any hiccups. Ironically he also has actual hiccups.

2.      I really hope that Sharpies are as quick drying as they say they are…

3.      Why did he choose today as the day he’d be fussier than Goldilocks about the temperature of his porridge?

4.      Did he just grow a foot overnight? I swear he looks taller than yesterday

5.      Photo time! Okay I have 200, that should do it.

6.      So, he looks perfect. Unfortunately, I left no time for me to get ready. Please no one judge me for my lack of make-up. You know what? Maybe it’s a good thing to go without mascara…

7.       Where did all these cars come from? Seems I forgot that there were other people trying to get to their ‘first day’ on time too…

8.      Is it just me or are all the radio stations playing heart wrenching songs. The next ballad is going to push me over the edge.

9.      Look at all those children going to big school. I know I’m going to blink and a year will have gone by…

10.   Do you know what? I think home schooling would work better for everyone 😉

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