First week of pre-school done!

First week of pre-school

Phew! We’ve done it! We’ve survived the first full week of pre-school! It’s a been a big change to our routine and we’ve come across a few hurdles but thankfully we haven’t tripped up yet.

The first challenge we’ve had is being up and out by 8:45am for five days in a row. E does a great impression of a grumpy teenager when I draw the curtains at 7am. I can’t believe that we’re already at the stage where we’re annoying him by waking him up rather than the other way around!

Before, all the days would roll together and the only change to our week was that Dada was home at the weekend. However, he now has a new found interest in what day of the week it is. It’s the first thing he asks in the morning and he doesn’t always get the answer he’s looking for. After telling him it was Monday this morning he yelled ‘NO IT’S SUNDAY!’ Seems adults aren’t the only ones to get the Monday blues…

Funnily enough he’s showing no signs of tiredness in the afternoons so I think like me he’s just not a morning person. I’d imagined that after a hectic morning he’d be wrecked; apparently not. Rather than wanting to relax he’s actually been inspired to do more! Arts and crafts, puzzles and imaginary play are all on his afternoon to do list so he’s actually busier than ever.

Although it’s only baby steps it’s great the way the children are being taught to be more independent. They each have their own hook so they know where to hang up and retrieve their coat and bag (of course there’s several of them with identical rucksacks which makes things interesting) and they also bring in their own goodies for their morning break. Of course when I say goodies I mean healthy and nutritious snacks. After being given the HSE guidelines on what is and isn’t recommended I was a little nervous about what to pack. So far we’ve gone with an apple and a few RICE cakes. It’s important to emphasise the word rice 😉 I dread to think what happens to you if you supply baked goods

I am starting to wonder if the pre-school teachers are making the kids sign confidentiality agreements. I cannot get a single piece of information out of him about what they get up to and instead have to look for clues. The muddy knees tell me he’s been outside, the leftover paint smears on his hands tell me they’ve been working on their artwork and the building bricks on the floor suggest they’ve been doing some construction.

Of course the teachers are still only getting to know their pupils but I have received my first piece of feedback and thankfully it’s positive. Apparently E is great at tidying up! Like mother, like son…

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