Walk The Line

Walk the line

Walks are relaxing aren’t they. Aren’t they?

I decided we should head out for a stroll yesterday afternoon thinking that we would come back refreshed and rejuvenated. Unfortunately, when we returned I was tense and ready to tear my hair out.

To be fair we don’t have a good track record with walks. When he was a baby and he was in a cranky mood I used to follow everyone’s advice that ‘a bit of fresh air will do you both the world of good.’ Except it didn’t. We’d spend twenty minutes getting wrapped up and then he would scream from the minute I lay him down in his pram. We rarely used a soother however this was one of the occasions that I couldn’t do without it.

We don’t have a problem with all outdoors activities. Taking him out on his bike is great; he can cycle while I chase after him. The playground is fine too; I can sip my coffee while he acts like a monkey. We also both enjoy kicking the football around the garden. Walks are the one area where we’re completely incompatible.

Things he did on our walk:

  • Pulled leaves off hedges
  • Collected sticks
  • ‘Drew a map’
  • Measured trees
  • Scratched walls
  • Waved to birds
  • Dug up mud with his fingernails
  • ‘Put up signs’
  • Inspected a worm

Things he didn’t do:

  • Walk

I think the main issue is that we both want completely different things from it. I want to get some exercise; he wants to explore. Maybe that’s the solution; changing the label we put on it.

This afternoon we’re going on an exploration.

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