Peppa Pig’s Surprise Review

peppa pigs surprise review

My little piglet had been counting down the days for ‘Peppa Pig’s Surprise’ for weeks so by Sunday he was literally snorting with excitement. (He has Daddy Pig’s oink nailed).

We arrived at the Olympia Theatre with plenty of time to spare (very unlike us) and made our way up the stairs of the ‘Circle’ entrance. We noticed that lots of people were paying a deposit for a booster seat for their toddlers and decided it was an essential. Unfortunately, another essential was the spinning, light up Peppa toy that almost every child was clutching in their grasp. While it looked cool it certainly wasn’t worth the €10 I handed over for it. (Thankfully it’s still working but I give it another week tops).

peppa pigs surprise review

We took our seats and were told that there was 3 minutes to go but I think the adults were more anxious for it to start than the kids. Trying to get a toddler to sit still with no entertainment is not easy… At last the curtain went up to reveal Peppa’s human friend Daisy who was in the middle of playing a game of hide and seek with the characters. E’s face when he first spotted Peppa was sheer delight and I was glad that he was impressed with the puppets. I did find it slightly strange the way the performers (dressed in black) wheel the characters around the stage but it didn’t seem to bother E in the slightest.

No episode of Peppa Pig is complete without a mention of muddy puddles, but when Peppa decides to jump around it’s the audience that get a soaking. This was actually the part that E was least impressed by and he declared ‘they’re not splashing, there’s a man behind the curtain with a water pistol!’ Other parts that he enjoyed more were when Peppa and George have a bubble bath and when they’re joined by the cheeky, dancing red monkey at bed time.

The interval seemed to arrive quickly (the first part only lasted half an hour) and when the curtain comes up again, we see Peppa and George off on their SURPRISE trip to the beach. Unfortunately, the car breaks down on the way and the family have to amuse themselves by playing ‘I spy’ while they wait for the engine to cool down. I found this section almost too realistic and felt like I too had broken down on a long journey and was impatiently waiting for us to get moving again.

Once at the beach they get down to some sandcastle making and then decide to explore a rock pool. Everything went dark and we watched glowing seahorses and jelly fish swim around. A pestering, pinching crab was E’s favourite.

The show culminates with more singing and dancing and the children are encouraged to get up out of their seats and join in with the routines. After a one hour performance, everyone seems exhausted and I think I can speak for most parents when I say that I’m relieved there was no encore. E had a great time and I’m glad we took him while he’s 3 because if he was any older I think he’d have been less enthusiastic. This mummy and daddy feel like we’ve taken a ‘bong, bing, boo’ to the head…


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