Anyone Else…? Pt 36 Autumn Special!

Anyone ELse Autumn Special

…love Autumn leaves WHEN THEY’RE OUTSIDE. Not when they’re found in pockets of trousers that have been washed…

…switching from Prosecco to red wine now the evenings are getting colder. The only bubbles I like at the moment are the ones in my hot bath.

…finding it hard to justify buying a new Winter coat when all the ones in the shops (long, hooded puffers) are the same as the one I already have!

…not so worried about going out on a Saturday night now Autumn TV is back. Tucking into a takeaway while wearing my PJs? Yes please!

…planning their first family trip to a pumpkin patch. Picking one up in Tesco isn’t exciting (or photoworthy) enough.

…being forced to watch Frozen again now we’re approaching festive season. I wish Disney would hurry up and make a film to rival it!

…already booking their Christmas hair appointment? Every year I leave it too late and end up needing a Christmas miracle to get a booking.

…feeling chuffed that they have their Santa presents done and dusted. Just crossing everything that he doesn’t change his mind now!


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