Hurrah For Gin Book Review

hurrah for gin book review

You love the ‘Hurrah for Gin’ Facebook page, laugh at the ‘Hurrah for Gin’ Instagram account and are tickled by the ‘Hurrah for Gin’ Twitter account, so the question is… should you buy the book?

Katie Kirby is best known for her hilarious and highly relatable cartoons and the book contains many of them. However, she also tells us a little bit more about herself in a semi-autobiographical way. She takes us through her life (from when she first became pregnant) in chronological order and throws in some (chicken) nuggets of wisdom along the way.

I was intrigued to read her birth story (for both her boys) and found her descriptions of labour pretty accurate. Feeling like someone is ‘shoving a red-hot poker up my bum’ and then later feeling like you ‘need a poo!!!’ sums it up nicely.

When you finally get to bring your new baby home Katie describes it as feeling a bit like ‘smuggling pick n’mix out of Woolworths’ and I concur. You do feel like it should be illegal to take your newborn home when you’re completely clueless about how to look after him/her. However, like pick n’mix they look and smell so yummy it’s worth the risk 😉

In the section on ‘How to get your baby to sleep through the night’ Katie gives us her take on the problem. She does not recommend buying toys or gadgets that promise miracles ‘None of them will actually work, you know this deep down in your heart, but sheer desperation will force you to buy them anyway.’ Yes, I was one of those people that bought the stuff, and no, none of it worked. The trouble with the typical baby books is that they blame you if your child isn’t behaving how you want them to. This just adds to the feeling of parental guilt. I for one prefer Katie’s theory to Gina Ford’s, she believes that ‘each and every child has some sort of inbuilt sleep-through-the-night switch that flicks on at a mystery time determined at birth’. See! It was my son’s switch that meant he was a bad sleeper, it wasn’t me at all!

The section that I enjoyed the most was where Katie talks about pre-school as this is the stage my son is at. She suggests that there’s a conspiracy going on and that the kids are ganging up on their poor unsuspecting parents… Some of the rules that these three year olds have invented for meal times include ‘Don’t try anything new EVER’, ‘Only ever use one specific plate’ and ‘Train your body clock to wake up for midnight bananas.’ You have to give them credit for their creativity!

In conclusion, this is a book for parents who enjoy sarcasm and laughing about the absurdities of parenthood, I appreciate both these things so give it a firm thumbs up. Now, excuse me while I go and pour myself another gin!

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