Our favourite Halloween story: Meg & Mog

our favourite Halloween story Meg and Mog

Who else enjoys reading the adventures of Meg, Mog, Owl and SUPERMAN?!

We read Meg and Mog this evening in an effort to get into the Halloween spirit. It’s been one of my son’s favourite books ever since he was a baby. He’s always been interested in anything spooky and the narrations are so bright and colourful they’ve always grabbed his attention.

We have two of the trilogies and his favourite story is ‘Mog in the Fog.’ It starts with Meg and Mog setting off on their broomstick on an adventure to climb a mountain.

Meg and Mog

The thing is that they need a little help with their expedition so step forward… Superman. The man is actually a Sherpa but the first time we read the book a couple of years ago E pointed out his little finger and squealed ‘Superman!’

Meg and Mog

What a coincidence; his favourite superhero making an appearance in his favourite story! He’d seen the man’s red and blue outfit and decided immediately that it couldn’t be anyone else! We found the idea completely endearing and have played along with it ever since, even instructing anyone that read the story with him to call the character by his superhero name.

So, this evening we began reading the book (at the moment he’s going through a stage of pretending to read and just trying desperately to remember what happens) and we got to the part where their little helper arrives and I said ‘It’s Superman!’ However, rather than continuing he just looked at me strangely and declared ‘That’s not Superman!’

To start with I was a bit taken aback and got a little bit confused how to respond. You know when there is any talk about the validity of Santa and you immediately jump in with ‘Of course he’s real!’ For a minute I was going to say of course it is! But I did wonder whether he’d think I’d been knocked out by some Kryptonite so I had to explain. ‘When you were a baby you used to think that was Superman!’ Of course, he now thought this was absolutely hysterical and we had a little joke about all the ways he looked nothing like the man in red culminating in the fact that Clark doesn’t hang out with a Yak!

Meg and Mog

We had a lot of giggles over it and it just shows how grown up he’s got, the fact that he can laugh about silly things he did as a baby. Seems he’s not a baby anymore…

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