Anyone Else…? Pt 37 Winter Special!

anyone else winter special

…still debating whether to buy a coffee machine or not. It would be much more convenient, but the takeaway cups from Costa are so much cuter than my mugs at home!

…getting a bit confused as to whether it actually is Winter or not. In Ireland it is, in the UK it’s not. It’s like ‘the dress’ all over again.

…love Adele even more since she revealed that she struggles with being a mum just like the rest of us. Adele, I’d love to hang out with ‘Someone like you’.

…wondering whether Uggs are still acceptable or not. I know they’re ugly but they’re like wearing your slippers outdoors!

…still don’t get why supermarkets think we want to stock up on Christmas treats now. Actually, I do. They know full well that the big box of biscuits won’t last a week and we’ll be back to replace them…

…have a child whose birthday is close to Christmas? For E, having all his birthday and Christmas presents in the space of a week definitely makes this the most ‘magical time of year’.

…trying to plan their Christmas trips. We went to Rathwood last Winter but we’re thinking of bringing E to his first panto this year. I’m just wondering whether I’ll be letting myself in for an avalanche of ‘He’s behind you!’ jokes for the rest of the holiday season…

…going to see ‘Frozen On Ice’? The only time we could get tickets was 10:30am so I think I’ll be on the (iced) coffee!


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