Disney On Ice Presents Frozen Review

Disney on ice frozen

Last Saturday we were up bright and early to make our way to Citywest for ‘Disney On Ice Presents Frozen’. It felt a bit odd going to a performance in the morning and E was a bit confused ‘Will it be dark when it finishes?’ he asked. Well that would mean the performance would have lasted 6 hours so I sincerely hope not!

We arrived with plenty of time to spare (there’s a first time for everything) and thankfully only needed to queue for a few minutes otherwise we’d have been Frozen ourselves! Although E was already clutching his cuddly Olaf from home I decided to enquire how much the light-up snowflakes were. I was shocked when they said 22 euro! We’d bought a similar (but better) toy at ‘Peppa Pig Live’ which only cost 10 euro. Thankfully E wasn’t bothered about not getting one.

disney on ice presents frozen

When I bought the tickets I’d chosen ‘Best Available’ and although we had a perfect view of the ice rink we were pretty high up, of course this also meant there were a lot of stairs to climb. When we finally reached our seats I hoped that there would be no need to make our descent until the end of the show…

With a few minutes to kick off it was time to crack open the snacks. Unfortunately, by the time the countdown started we had devoured more than the ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and had nothing left. I thought we had brought too much; obviously not.

The appearance of Mickey and friends was the perfect distraction and E was so excited as he had no idea that they’d be featured. All his favourite Disney characters showed off their skating skills and he was sad to wave goodbye. Ah well, here’s Sven and Kristoff to take his mind off it!

disney on ice presents frozen

The story kicked off much like the film and we watched as Anna begged Elsa to get out of bed and build a snowman. While they carefully formed him out of snow, Olaf wasn’t ready to come to life yet much to E’s disappointment. One thing I wasn’t disappointed about was that the parents and their untimely death don’t feature at all. It’s only recently that we’ve stopped fast forwarding through this part.

Speaking of fast forwarding, that’s one thing you can’t do with a show. I was asked numerous times ‘When’s she going to get angry?’ and he couldn’t wait to see Elsa freeze Arendelle.

Finally, Elsa’s frustration did get too much for her and with her glove removed her powers were unleashed. We all know the story by this stage and the most watched part of the film in our house (as I’m sure it is in yours) is when she launches into ‘Let It Go.’ Unfortunately, this was one of the only parts of the show that was a bit of a let down; purely because of the set. E was excited to see the icy palace be magically erected however the final product in this case is simply stairs leading up to a platform as well as some ‘icicles’ hanging from the ceiling. You can always count on a 3 year old’s brutal honesty and he remarked ‘that’s not right!’

disney on ice presents frozen

Highlights from the second half included the trolls (who have some of the most impressive costumes), Olaf coming to life (he was given a huge cheer by the crowd) and the arrival of Marshmallow the evil snowman. The latter is quite spectacular but fortunately not in a scary way and the audience are all pleased when Anna and Kristoff escape.

disney on ice presents frozen

After the ‘act of true love’ everyone is relieved to see the sun return and by this stage I was looking forward to getting out into the sunshine myself. We had a really ‘ice’ time (sorry) but it was time to ‘get our skates on’ (sorry again) and go and join the mile long queue for the loos.

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