Not an ‘Indian head massage’ but a ‘Mummy head massage’

head massage

At 3 I think E is too young for a spa but he sure likes being pampered!

We may not have put our decorations up yet but as for watching Christmas movies we’re already in the thick of it. Before E goes to bed we’ve been snuggling on the couch and watching something to give us the festive feels.

Yesterday he was perched on my lap and I began running my hands through his hair thinking that it needed a cut, I did it several times absentmindedly and then stopped. As I did E growled at me which isn’t unusual given that he’s in his prime ‘threenager’ years.

‘What’s wrong?’ I asked.

‘You stopped!’ he whinged back at me.

Oh! So he was enjoying the sensation of me rubbing his head!

It’s not surprising really. I’ve never been keen on back massages and have a bit of a fear of facials but if someone offered to rub my head for half an hour then I’d throw my money at them! I find it so relaxing and it turns out I’m not the only one.

I began stroking his head again but obviously my technique was now a bit off.

‘Not like that! Like this!’

So he’s gone from being a complete novice to a pro in the space of ten minutes… I switched my technique as instructed and apparently that did the trick.

‘Keep going and don’t stop!’

Talk about demanding!

I kept up my good work until it was time to bring him to bed and fortunately he was so sleepy that after a couple of stories he was out like a light. So, it works for bedtime, I wonder if it would calm him down mid tantrum? On second thoughts, I think it’s me that’s more in need of one mid tantrum…

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