Rathwood Santa Train Review

rathwood santa train

All aboard! I’m not normally a fan of travelling by train but when you’re a passenger on the Rathwood Santa Train you’re much more likely to be found singing than moaning.

Unlike the normal rail service there were no delays and after handing over our tickets we were asked if we wanted our cheeks and nose painted red. E excitedly accepted however seeing as I normally end up with red flushed cheeks from trying to chase a train, or a bright red nose from standing on a freezing platform, I politely declined. For once I’m happy to keep my pale complexion.

Mrs Claus and an excitable Jack Frost provided the initial entertainment and the children were happy to help them whip up some Christmas spirit. The kids were awarded a medal for their efforts and we were then off into the woods to pay Grandad reindeer a visit.

rathwood santa train

We previously visited Rathwood during the day but this time we went in the evening and it was so pretty seeing everything lit up. The only downside was how cold it was. I’m glad we brought our gloves and hats because I swear it felt like we were off to the North Pole!

Grandad reindeer was in great form and after gifting everyone a set of bells he asked us to join him in jingling them to his favourite song. Thankfully this involved us dancing around which helped me to prevent my toes going numb.

rathwood santa train

The final leg of our journey was a stroll through the trees to visit Santa’s grotto. We’d just sat down when the inevitable happened… my son revealed that he was desperate for the loo. I had to interrupt the elves mid dance and one of them escorted us back outside to the nearest toilet. Perfect timing as usual.

Fortunately, we made it back in time and were summoned in to see Santa. Funnily enough when we first laid eyes on the man in red I was reminded of a scene from ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’ My son exclaimed ‘What a long, white beard you’ve got!’ Unlike the story, he didn’t threaten to eat us and instead happily posed for photos and promised to visit on Christmas Eve.

rathwood santa train

It was time to warm up with our complimentary hot choc after a fun filled evening; although my son did have one complaint. ‘I DON’T WANT IT HOT, I WANT IT COLD!’ Thank goodness for ice cubes…

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Rathwood provided me with complimentary tickets in exchange for an honest review.

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