All you need is… cardboard

all you need is cardboard

Newsflash: new research concludes that buying toys for kids at Christmas is a complete waste of time!

Last week I bought my husband a new pair of shoes (good wifey) and when my son returned from pre-school I showed them to him. I was hoping that he’d agree that I’d made a good choice, but in fact he paid no attention to them whatsoever.He was distracted by a little gem that he’d noticed in the box. Unfortunately, I use the term ‘gem’ loosely, when in fact it was a little round piece of cardboard.

‘Did they put this in the box for me?’ he asked excitedly.

‘Erm, YES! Do you like it?’


The last time I saw him this happy was the first day he opened his advent calendar and realised he could have a chocolate every day for the whole of December…

Normally, he can’t get enough of Paw Patrol, Transformers, puzzles and play dough but obviously he’s had his fill of traditional toys and wanted to occupy himself with something a little different…

‘Why do you like cardboard so much?’ I asked intrigued.

He looked at me as incredulously as if I’d just asked him why he likes chocolate.

‘I can throw it, I can play with it, I can clean with it…’ The list went on and on and I was delighted that he would be entertained for the afternoon.

I set to work making our sandwiches and called him in for his lunch. He came running in, looked at me a little forlornly and put the soggy, brown, disc on the table.

‘Why is it wet?’ I asked. ‘It’s going to have to go in the bin now.’

‘I licked it’ he answered.

Seems he’s found the one thing it can’t do…

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  1. Well you know what to get him for Christmas! My little boy is the same, albeit only being 5 months old we have a range of baby toys for him and he’s more keen on playing with my phone case. I’m pretty sure Christmas time all he’ll be keen on his the wrapping paper!

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