Anyone Else…? New Year Special

new year

…shocked that supermarkets are putting Easter Eggs on the shelves already! They’re trying to turn us all into chocoholics!

…feeling smug about adjusting their child’s body clock so they go to bed later and sleep later. Trouble is I’m not looking forward to trying to re-adjust it again!

…failed to introduce their child to any new vegetables over Christmas. The only thing E has gained is a new addiction to Yorkshire puddings…

…absolutely loved the ‘Moana’ film but am blaming it for my craving for a Sun holiday. Maui definitely won’t be invited though, especially as he’s obsessed with throwing people into the sea…

…having trouble putting away all their kid’s toys… There’s a reason why all the shops are promoting their plastic boxes at the moment – they’re not pretty but they’re definitely practical.

…wondering at what point the advent calendar will be forgotten. Chocolates before breakfast are for December not for life!

…love to receive the amount of clothes that their child does as presents. I’m actually hoping the weather stays cold for a while longer so he’ll have a chance to wear them all!

…desperate to put away their decorations – do we really have to wait until the 5th to take it down??

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