Goodnight Sweetheart

Goodnight sweetheart

You’d think considering that my son has just turned four that we’d have got the sleeping through the night stuff nailed…

Granted, we’ve moved on from the stage of rocking him for hours every evening, but do we get a full night’s sleep every night? No.

When he was a baby he was never that keen about being brought into our bed for comfort, however on occasions now, if he’s sick or just particularly cranky we do let him join us for what often feels like a kick around…

Weekday mornings are a rush to get ready for pre-school but as he still wakes at 7 on the weekend we squeeze him in-between us and let him stick on the I-pad while we attempt to get some more shut-eye.

We mastered toilet training when he was two and a half however we left it a year before we tried taking off the nappies at night. As most mum’s do I googled over and over the best way to do it and one comment stuck with me – that you simply wait until their nappy is dry before you make them go without. The theory is that you’re waiting for their body to be physically ready to not need to go at night, although as with most things all children reach this stage at a different time.

The first couple of nights we put down the waterproof sheet and anxiously prepared ourselves for the screams that he was wet but hallelujah – they never happened. Obviously, the fact I’m saying he’s never had an accident automatically means that tonight will be the night…

So, the reasons we’re woken at night nowadays are either nightmares or just because he wants some attention. It’s a catch 22, if you go in and hug him every time he asks for one you could be in and out every-time he stirs. On the other hand, if you decline, you feel like the worst mother in the world.

Last night we decided to be stricter when we were putting him down, hoping that this would mean we also wouldn’t be running in and out during the night.

Unfortunately, it led to a ridiculous parenting fail…

Me: ‘Night, night. Now you mustn’t call Mama and Dada back in. You need to close your eyes and go to sleep.’

E: ‘Okay, night, night.’

15 minutes later

Me to my husband: ‘He hasn’t made any noise AT ALL! Do you think we should check he’s okay?’

My husband agreed and crept into his room


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