Just keep wiping

Just keep wiping

‘Just keep swimming’ is the adorable Dory’s inspirational quote and although it can be helpful when you’re feeling like life’s got on top of you, I think it could be tweaked a little for mums.

To be honest, we’re not blue, we’re not fish and we don’t live in the sea. Let’s think of something that’s a bit more relevant. What do mums find themselves doing all day, every day…

Got it!

‘Just keep… WIPING.’

From the time you had a newborn and all you used were cotton pads and water, to when they hit three or four and you’ll use anything that comes to hand. There’s the nose wiping, the bum wiping, the hand wiping and the constant challenge of keeping their cheeks smear free. Those are the things you think you need wipes for…

Then you realise that it’s not only your little monkey that needs to be constantly cleaned, in fact your whole house is covered in handprints, stains and brown ominous looking marks. Where would we be without those little sheets with their magical cleaning properties.

In some ways, my chores have had to be stepped up since I became a mum, there’s definitely a lot more that needs doing. However, in some ways they have become much simpler. Grimey looking couch? Grab the wipes. Splodges on the kitchen floor? Whip out the wipes. Sticky door handles? You know the solution.

I actually feel a bit sorry for people who’ve yet to become parents. There they are with a million different products, completely oblivious to these little beauties.

But then I remember, pre-kids I had no need to be scrubbing down every surface because adults wash their hands when they’re dirty.

We may feel like it’s an endless battle, we know it’s one we’re never going to win, all you need to do is tell yourself over and over:

‘Just keep wiping.’

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