Birthday fun at the Fun Factory

Picking a place to celebrate a birthday is tricky. Previously we’ve had E’s parties at home, but now he has his own little friends from pre-school we wanted to have it somewhere that they could all run around, have some yummy food and celebrate in style! Of course, hiring somewhere also means that it’s less work for the parents 😉

We’ve spent many mornings at the ‘Fun Factory’ and the teacups are his favourite part, closely followed by the huge slide. While I’m relieved that adults aren’t allowed to accompany kids on the slide (wimp), they’re welcome on the tea cup ride and unfortunately, I am that person that has to request that we don’t get spun. Embarrassingly, I’m often so dizzy when it stops that I have to wait two minutes before I attempt to stand!

When we noticed that The Fun Factory also have a Minions themed party room it seemed like the perfect option. E is a huge Minions fan so we decided that his outfit, the invitations, the cake and the balloons would all reflect the theme.

After what felt like a long wait, the big day finally arrived and we arrange to meet the other parents and kids in The Fun Factory café. There were a few tables reserved so we let the children run off to work up an appetite and the adults treated themselves to some well-deserved coffee.

After an hour, their tummy’s were rumbling so we all excitedly made our way upstairs to the Minions room! We’d ordered chicken nuggets, sausages and chips for the kids and E delightedly took his seat in the ‘throne’ at the head of the table.

fun factory

After licking their plates clean it was time for cake! We all sang Happy Birthday to a slightly embarrassed birthday boy and I then helped him cut the first slice and instructed him to make a wish. I know what my wish would be – please let him stop growing!!

fun factory

On a sugar high, they proceeded to have a balloon fight and delightedly spent the next few minutes bashing each other over the head. It was time to make a move before there were any tears.

Thankfully he loved every second and we loved the fact that we had no cleaning up to do!

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