The questions I REALLY wanted to ask on our tour of big school

big school

We have confirmed our primary school for E! I can’t decide whether I’m happy or sad?!

I’m pleased because I think he’s going to love it there, however I can’t believe we are already at that stage! (Cries dramatically into her coffee…)

Fortunately, we had a full tour so we could make an informed decision and we also came armed with lots of important questions.

To be honest though, these were the questions that I REALLY wanted to ask:

Does this mean that I need to go and get a ‘proper’ job now?

I do my blogging here and I’m also a columnist with the Irish Mirror but with E in school until 2 should I go and get myself a 9-5?

Will he now be so wrecked from school that he’ll be fast asleep by 7?

This would be nice but I’m not going to get my hopes up. Maybe he’ll be so wired and over stimulated that he’ll be even harder to settle?

Will he love making lots of new friends or will he be lost in a sea of kids?

He’s currently in a class of ten but his new big school class will be triple that size; big change. It’d be great if he makes some friends for life, I’m just a little concerned about future birthday party numbers…

How will he manage without me for 5 whole hours??

He’s currently in pre-school for 3 hours and then I collect him at 12 and we come home and have our bagels before planning an afternoon activity. Sometimes that activity is swimming, sometimes it’s a Netflix marathon 😉 Realistically I think I’ll miss him more than he’ll miss me.

What if he falls over in the playground? Who will pick him up?

E is still at the age where if he even gets a teeny tiny bump it’s all very dramatic. He needs hugs and kisses and then we grab the Darth Vader cool pack out of the fridge and also a ‘special bottle’ (which is actually just flavoured water, but he believes it to have special healing powers). Although he plays outside at pre-school, it’s not nearly as crowded as a packed playground…

Is he still my little boy or is he now officially a big boy?

Yesterday we had a conversation about family and he was fascinated by the fact that I still have a mum and dad (his Grandma and Grandad) even though I’m a grown up.

I took it as an opportunity to point out to him ‘You’ll be grown up one day too, but I’ll always be your mummy.’ 🙂

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