Anyone Else…? Pt 39

anyone else

…feel like their child’s demand for snacks has got out of control. It’s the norm at dinner time but this morning he ate all the fruit off the top of his porridge, didn’t touch the actual porridge and then got down and started raiding the cupboards!

…grateful to Gary Barlow for admitting he didn’t wash his hair for 14 years. Makes me feel much better about not washing mine for three days…

…relieved that the longest January on record is over! Whoop! Now let’s hope that the weather starts feeling more Spring like. Daffodils where are you?

…salivating at the thought of Pancake Day. Yes, you can cook them any time of year but it’s the only day you can have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

…itching to start Spring cleaning and having a big old clear out. Although also reluctant to do so because everyone knows once you start, it gets worse before it gets better.

…only just discovered the wondrous power of Spotify! How am I so late to the game? E is delighted that we can now listen to the ‘Moana’ soundtrack all day every day…

…checked out the Penney’s Spring/Summer boyswear? I was planning on getting a couple of bits for myself but got side tracked by all the kids clothes – they’re so cute and trendy!

…actually planning to swap Valentines presents with their other half rather than just cards this year. The only thing is I think E will feel left out so I’m sure I’ll get him something too…

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