5 parenting fails I committed this Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day

Parenting isn’t easy at the best of times; however, I find that on special occasions the parenting fails come thick and fast. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day was no exception to this rule.

Today I had 5 parenting fails…

When I picked my son up from pre-school he was very excited as they had spent the morning making Valentine’s cards. He told me the card was a surprise and that I couldn’t look at it until later when Dada came home. Of course, this completely went over my head and as I reached into his bag to grab his snack box I pulled out the card. ‘IT WAS MEANT TO BE A SURPRISE!!!’ Strike one.

Over lunch we were talking about Valentine’s Day and he declared ‘it’s a nice day where you swap presents!’ ‘What’s my present?’ Erm? I kind of planned to get him something small but changed my mind and my husband and I just swapped cards and small gifts. I stupidly didn’t think he would notice he was the odd one out… Strike two.

I know! I bought some (unopened) daffodils in the supermarket, I can tell him they’re for him! He seemed happy enough, we filled up a jam jar with water and I told him they would drink it up and the flowers would come out. ‘Where are the flowers? WHY AREN’T THEY DRINKING IT?’ Seems I over-estimated his patience… Strike three.

‘Mama, why has Dada’s card got a picture of pants on it?? Strike four.

‘Dada, why has Mama’s card got a picture of a red man, with horns and a tail?’ Strike five.

At least the cupcakes were a success!

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