Happy Feet

Happy Feet

My son said the cutest thing I’ve ever heard last night…

He often chatters away at story time and it’s the most animated he is all day. When he gets home from pre-school it’s impossible to get anything out of him and then the minute it’s bed time he won’t stop talking!

He’s noticed that when he takes a long bath, his feet and hands get all wrinkly and he thinks it’s hilarious that he temporarily looks old. When I noticed him examining his feet in bed I presumed he was checking if the wrinkles had disappeared.

Me: ‘Why are you looking at your feet?’

Him: ‘Because they’re pink, look.’

Sure enough, the soles of his feet did look pink, probably more so than normal because he’d been dancing around with no slippers on in an attempt to avoid going to bed.

Him: ‘That’s because I’m happy!’

Me: ‘What do you mean?’ I asked; pleased he was in good humour but a little confused.

Him: ‘My feet turn pink when I’m happy, just like my cheeks!’

I’d never really thought about it before but you only need to glance at the happiest looking emoji to spot the crimson cheeks.

You can certainly see his logic and I didn’t have the heart to correct him.

Good night Happy Feet.

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