Jumping for joy

jumping for joy

We have bunnies on the brain now that Easter isn’t far away and so conversation has inevitably turned to hopping and jumping.

E has always enjoyed bouncing, when he was a baby it was on my knee but now he’s bigger it’s more likely to be on the bed or the couch. I think we’ll have to look into getting a trampoline if we don’t want him busting our bed springs.

Of course, rabbits aren’t the only animals that jump. He looked out the kitchen window the other day and shouted in alarm when he saw a cat leap off the fence.

We couldn’t see him land but I reassured E that he would be okay.

He decided I was right and his reason was priceless:

‘Yes, because his mama caught him!’

Another of his favourite things to do is playing with his Transformers. He can spend hours transforming them and I’m often ordered to watch how he miraculously changes them from vehicles into robots.

In an effort to entertain myself I often make them do silly things and I recently showed him how they could do star jumps.

I don’t think he’d heard me mention them before and so I asked him:

‘What do you think star jumps are?’

‘It’s when you jump so high you can catch the stars!’

So, there you go, two examples of how kids really do say the funniest (and cutest) things!

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