Anyone Else St Patrick’s Day Special!

patricks day

…find the minute they put their kid’s (only) special green outfit on they spilt something down it. Thank goodness for baby wipes.

…realise that their child’s St Patrick’s Day t-shirt will actually be hidden under ten layers of clothing. Thankfully I remembered that E had a green raincoat too (it only took half an hour of rummaging to locate it)

…think that the coffee shops are missing a trick – why is there no shamrock on top of my cappuccino???

…get super excited when they see people at the parade hurling sweets into the crowds – surely they’ve got enough for adults too!

…decided that although they’d be delighted if their child features in a future parade, they will not be one of those parents that joins them. I’m quite happy as a spectator thank you.

…think it’s the law that you have to eat green food today. I’m thinking mint chocolates rather than broccoli though.

…impressed with their offspring’s knowledge of Saint Patrick, they’ll be doing the story telling tonight!

…realise that although they should really be drinking Guiness this evening, white wine will be your beverage of choice.

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