First dentist visit done!

First dentist visit

When I told E that I’d booked him an appointment at the dentist his first question was ‘Will it be like on Peppa Pig?’ This was his only reference point and I tried frantically to remember whether Peppa and George’s trip had gone well. After a quick search on youtube I was relieved that it had.

Coincidently they also discussed brushing your teeth in pre-school, just a few days before his visit. After asking about it on our way home he told me that if he didn’t keep brushing he would end up with vampire teeth! Well that’s one way to make them vigilant about it…

This discussion in class also made him a bit conflicted about eating chocolate (his favourite treat):

‘I can’t have chocolate anymore! Chocolate’s got sugar in it and that’s bad for my teeth!’

Ten seconds later…

‘Can I have a little bit??’

I hoped the dentist would find no evidence of his sweet tooth…

When the day of his appointment came he was nonchalant about it but I was feeling the nerves. I was therefore relieved when we met the dentist that he broke the tension by raving about his cool light up shoes. I was a bit miffed that he didn’t comment on how nice mine were though 😉

He was instructed to climb into the chair and was then given some ‘sunglasses’ to stop his eyes getting sore from the bright lights.

The dentist asked him to put his head back against the seat and he found the sensation of being tilted backwards a little unnerving. He then told him that he was going to count his teeth. He opened his mouth wide like we had practised and he counted to ten on the bottom row. He then told him he needed a mirror to see the top row and again counted to ten – so twenty in total.

I thought at that stage we might be done but he explained that he now needed to check that they were clean. He got out the small tool that sprays air and he showed him how it worked by spraying his hand – which apparently tickled.

He again checked the bottom row first spraying each tooth individually and finally the top row again.

That was it; we were done!

The back of the seat was raised all the way up and then the chair lowered to the ground so he could easily slide off it.

By this stage he was delighted about the seat moving and exclaimed ‘That was like a ride!’

I’d told him that he might get a little treat if he was a good boy and he was delighted to receive not one but three big stickers!

So, what was the verdict??

Cue racing heart and sweaty palms on my part…

‘They’re perfect!’ ‘Just keep brushing as you’re doing and we won’t need to see him again for 12 months.’

‘That was good fun!’ He commented as we made our way down the stairs.

The appointment set me back €25, I just wish my own appointments were so cheap!

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