Anyone Else Easter Break Special!

easter break

…not stick to any of the plans they had for the Easter break? We will squeeze arts and crafts, baking and educational activities into every day – erm we made some krispie cakes last Wednesday…

…counting down the days until they can have a coffee in peace again (while also thinking the house is going to be so empty without them)

…think the only thing more annoying than their child begging to watch TV is when they absolutely refuse to watch it when you’ve got chores to do

…find that their supermarket shop doubles in price when they have a little helper in the trolley, and that’s before you even get to the toy aisle

…not feel so guilty about bringing their kid to the cinema on a sunny day when it’s packed full of other families doing the exact same thing

…given up trying to keep the house clean when you have a little monkey that probably belongs in the zoo. It can wait til next week when the cleanliness will last longer than five minutes…

…find that the problem with zoning out and answering ‘yes’ to everything your child says is that you’re not entirely sure what you’re agreeing to. Who said you could wear your wellies to bed – me??

…think all teachers seriously need a pay increase! How on earth do they manage 30 of them all day??

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