Anyone Else…? Summer special


…have a child that has recently discovered his love for ice cubes – trouble is he wants them in everything – and that means none left for my weekend G&T!

…never remember how long sun lotion lasts and how long ago you opened the bottles

…put so much pressure on yourself to make the most of the sunshine you’re rushing around too much to actually enjoy it! So, we must make sure we have a picnic, go to the park, buy an ice cream, go to the beach, do a BBQ, visit the zoo

…find it impossible to find a matching bikini top and bottoms in the same size! ‘Dear Penneys, Please go back to putting the complete bikini on one hanger! Sincerely, A Frustrated, Time-poor Mama’

…already planning their child’s inflight holiday entertainment – fail to prepare and prepare to fail and by fail, I mean forget to download anything off Netflix

…find that every time they go shopping to add to their Summer wardrobe they come home with bags of things for their child instead – I actually think we should swap wardrobes – he needs my huge one much more than me!

…love the sunny days but hate the sunny bedtimes – where’s the man on the moon hiding when you could really do with his help?

…have yet to put any tan on my legs – seriously how hard is it??


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