Our holiday to Portugal

holiday to portugal

Our holiday to Portugal was amazing and I’m suffering a serious case of the post-holiday blues. However instead of moping around I thought I’d tell you what we got up to and share some pics of our week of bliss!


We stayed in Alvor and it was our first time visiting Portugal. It was great to go relatively off-peak as it wasn’t too busy but we still got great weather.

There were two large swimming pools next to our apartment and as the children’s one only reached E’s waist he was able to paddle around independently while we watched from the comfort of our sun loungers – this is the first year we haven’t been in the water with him constantly.

He was so excited that there was another Irish boy the same age staying there and they spent a couple of hours playing together in the water every day.

After spending the morning at the pool we’d head down to the beach in the afternoon which was only a short stroll away.


It was the most stunning beach we’ve ever been to and also pretty quiet. The waves were quite big so although we didn’t do much swimming E had great fun jumping up and down trying to avoid them crashing into him.

When we went down there in the evening it was even more important not to get splashed!


There was also a seafood restaurant that was built into the cliff face which we visited a couple of times. They kindly made E an omelette but he was fascinated when they showed him all the different fish they’d caught that day.


As we were only there a week we didn’t do much exploring apart from going into the town to do some shopping and also to visit the harbour. E was determined to spend as much time as possible swimming and making sandcastles and that suited us too as a week of tantrums was not on our wish list.


We were all sad when the holiday came to an end but the main thing E was concerned about was that he couldn’t pack up every single shell and rock that he collected on the beach – blame Ryanair not us 😉


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