Anyone Else…? Beach Special

… agree that Calippos are by far the best treat for the beach because there are no drips! (They may end up with a just been tangoed orange face though).
…wear a hat on the beach to cover up sandy hair (that’s a result of them being buried by their offspring) rather than to protect them from the sun
… wear sunglasses on the beach to cover up dark circles rather than to shield their eyes. Isn’t it great how kids on holidays go to bed late but still get up early!
… yet to find a pair of flip flops that don’t give you blisters. My solution – bring a couple of different pairs so they rub in different places…
… wonder how we managed without sun lotion sprays. No more feeling like you’re rubbing them down with sand paper…
… think it’s unfair that kids ends up with a gorgeous even tan when you’re smothering them in factor 50. My carefully applied factor 30 doesn’t leave my limbs looking half as good.
… find that on a trip to the beach you never forget the stupid things like the blow up turtle, but you always forget the essential things like your beach towel…
… think that paddling in freezing cold water in rolled up jeans is just as much fun as lazing on a beach in Barbados – probably

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