Starting school and starting a new job!

starting school

So, E and I have both turned into busy little bees! I’m back to work full time and he’s started big school.

Thankfully, we’re both really enjoying our new routines and I thought I’d fill you in on all the things that have changed!

We’ve hired a cleaner!

As much as I loved scrubbing the toilets myself (not) we’ve decided that the time we do have together as a family should be spent doing fun stuff, not chores. We now have a cleaner that comes once a fortnight and the five minutes that the house stays clean for is absolute bliss!

We do our food shopping online

We’ve signed up to Tesco online (not an ad, wish it was) and we now get deliveries twice a week. It only takes a few minutes to type in the order and to have someone bringing your delivery right into your kitchen is such a time saver and so handy! E is always so excited to see what they’re going to bring.

We all have to be in bed earlier and up earlier

E used to start pre-school at 9:15 and I did my blogging/writing as and when. We now have to both be out the house by 8am sharp. That means we need to be in bed earlier too. Having said that, I still have nights where I decide I have to read the whole internet before I turn out the light and yes, I absolutely regret it in the morning. Equally, he has nights where he thinks he needs to read every book in his bookcase…

We’re back to making packed lunches again

When we used to have lunch together, we used to have our bagels at the kitchen table. Now it’s a case of packing up sandwiches and snacks to keep us going for the day. Though of course I miss seeing him, there’s definitely less crumbs to clear up 😉

We both needed new wardrobes

I needed a new wardrobe for work and he needed lots of new clothes for school. His school doesn’t have a school uniform but I still wanted him to look extra smart. Guess whose clothes I spent the most on…

We appreciate weekends more

When I worked from home, the weekdays blended in with the weekends. Now I really look forward to us all having two days off that we can spend chilling out and hanging out. It’s great that as he’s getting older we’re all starting to enjoy the same things too i.e swimming, going to the cinema and trips to the beach.

We’re making new friends

While he’ll always be my best little friend it’s great that we’re both spending more time with people our own age. He loves hanging out with his mates that love Transformers just as much as he does and I love hanging out with people that love coffee just as much as I do!

Although he loves going to school and I’m loving my new job we also can’t wait for a little break and we’ll both be off for a week at Halloween – I’m sure we’ll have a Spooktacular time 😊

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