A weekend away and our first trip to Tayto Park!

tayto park

You’re always asking for trouble when you don’t even think about packing until the morning you’re heading away. To be fair, we were only staying for one night so there was very little we needed, I think us mums like to pack for EVERY eventuality though!

Storm Brian was in full force as we were leaving so we all packed waterproof coats. I didn’t fancy us having to trail around Tayto Park in plastic ponchos!

The D Hotel was only just over an hour away and as we arrived at lunch time, we headed straight into The Hops Bar for some tasty comfort food. My lunch was nicely washed down with a glass of white wine – the perfect way to kick off the weekend!

weekend away

The weather was still pretty miserable so we decided against any sightseeing and decided to go shopping instead! The local Penneys was only a few minutes walk and E and I both picked up a few bargains.

We were told that the hotel’s Il Ponte restaurant was very busy and that they only had tables free at 5:30 and 9pm so we opted for the earlier slot. That meant that we didn’t have a lot of time to get ready. I slipped on my new Zara leopard skin blouse and black leather skirt, did my usual trick of loading my hair with dry shampoo, touched up my make up and we were good to go! Thankfully E and hubby don’t require as much maintenance as me 😉

weekend away

We all love Italian food and while E enjoyed his ham and pineapple pizza and chocolate brownie, we both opted for the Bruschetta followed by the Penne all’Arrabbiata and finished up with the Panna Cotta. Thumbs up all round!

weekend away

It was great that we had a family room which had plenty of space, inevitably though, E had no interest in going to sleep until he could see we were doing the same. It meant that we all got an early night!

After a delicious breakfast the following morning, it was time to set off for our first ever visit to Tayto Park! The weather was overcast but we were fortunate that Storm Brian seemed to have put people off as it was very quiet. That meant there were no queues for any of the rides!

weekend away

First up was the Steam Train (the only complimentary ride) and as we were the only ones on it we got to sit up front! We then took it in turns to take E on the various rides that were suitable for his age (he’s 4) which included the bouncing Leap Frogs, the spinning Honey Pot Bears, The Mini Ferris Wheel and the pretty Grand Carousel. Hubby then decided to bite the bullet and take on The Cu Chulainn Coaster and E and I were happy to watch!

weekend away

After a hot lunch in The Lodge Restaurant we ventured into The Wild Woods, The Ice Valley and took in the Dinosaurs Alive exhibition.

weekend away

E’s absolute favourite though was the Vortex Tunnel which was given a HalloweenTwist as there were freaky looking clowns jumping out at you!

We had a great weekend and have to thank the D Hotel for giving us a complimentary stay in return for an honest review.

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