Our Spring wedding

Spring wedding

I can’t believe our Spring wedding was 5 years ago! Although I love looking back at all the pictures it does feel weird that E wasn’t there. Having said that I think it would have been a very different day with him present!

The day before our wedding there was torrential rain but we were so lucky to wake up to blue skies on the day itself.

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Summer shopping trip to Kildare Village

With the warm weather finally here it was time to get E some Summer shoes so his poor little feet weren’t sweating. Now as much as I love shoe shopping I knew it would be a very different story than if I was looking for a pair myself. Rather than browsing, deliberating and generally enjoying being indecisive it was going to be a case of get in and get out with minimal damage.

We arrived at Kildare Village early and got a great parking space just metres from the entrance, after all speed was of the essence. One of the perks of being a stay at home mum is that you can hit the shops midweek without having to contend with the crowds.

As we walked into the store E declared ‘I want Thomas wellies’ which is what we bought last time we were here. ‘No, we’re here to get you summer shoes!’ I replied desperately hoping that there were no Thomas wellies in sight. ‘I want Thomas shoes!’ ‘Urm, I don’t  think they do Thomas shoes!’ I was silently hoping that they didn’t otherwise they were sure to be the ones we were leaving with regardless of their practicality or price.

So the first task was doing a quick glance around to locate anything suitable in his size whilst keeping him in the buggy. If I let him out at this stage he would be like a little whirlwind. After successfully grabbing three pairs it was time to let him out to try them on. Thankfully he was excited by all three. The first were far to flimsy for him, for children that spend most of their time walking I’m sure they’d be fine, but knowing that he likes to dart around like a superhero I knew that he’d end up flat on his face. The next two were both ‘cool’ (his new favourite word) and he was delighted that I asked him to run up and down to try them out. He did get a bit distracted by a lady cleaning the shelves and by wanting to show off his shoes to a couple of other people trying pairs on but when he came hurtling back they had been well tested.

A nice shop assistant got him to stand still (impressive) and checked they were the right size and thankfully there was also a little bit of room to grow. He loves it when I get a professional opinion on something and will repeat back what they told him when it comes  up in conversation at a later date.

I opted for a brown pair with dinosaurs down the side (somehow I initially thought they were monkeys but E quickly corrected me) as they were much more fun than the other grey pair.

It was time to settle up and he proudly held the little shoe box until it was our turn to pay. He did however discard the information leaflet inside saying ‘it’s not very good’ – in terms of lack of plot and characters…. The minute we got in the car and I tried to put the box down he demanded ‘I want to wear them now!’ I guess that’s a great sign!

So, if you were wondering about the photo of the giant macaroons then no I didn’t get to eat any (of the regular ones) what do you expect, I’m a blogger and a mummy, I take pictures of delicious looking things but I don’t actually get to enjoy them 😉


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