Anyone Else…? Beach Special

… agree that Calippos are by far the best treat for the beach because there are no drips! (They may end up with a just been tangoed orange face though).
…wear a hat on the beach to cover up sandy hair (that’s a result of them being buried by their offspring) rather than to protect them from the sun
… wear sunglasses on the beach to cover up dark circles rather than to shield their eyes. Isn’t it great how kids on holidays go to bed late but still get up early!
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Anyone Else…? Summer special


…have a child that has recently discovered his love for ice cubes – trouble is he wants them in everything – and that means none left for my weekend G&T!

…never remember how long sun lotion lasts and how long ago you opened the bottles

…put so much pressure on yourself to make the most of the sunshine you’re rushing around too much to actually enjoy it!

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First dentist visit done!

First dentist visit

When I told E that I’d booked him an appointment at the dentist his first question was ‘Will it be like on Peppa Pig?’ This was his only reference point and I tried frantically to remember whether Peppa and George’s trip had gone well. After a quick search on youtube I was relieved that it had.

Coincidently they also discussed brushing your teeth in pre-school, just a few days before his visit. After asking about it on our way home he told me that if he didn’t keep brushing he would end up with vampire teeth!

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Jumping for joy

jumping for joy

We have bunnies on the brain now that Easter isn’t far away and so conversation has inevitably turned to hopping and jumping.

E has always enjoyed bouncing, when he was a baby it was on my knee but now he’s bigger it’s more likely to be on the bed or the couch.

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Happy Feet

Happy Feet

My son said the cutest thing I’ve ever heard last night…

He often chatters away at story time and it’s the most animated he is all day. When he gets home from pre-school it’s impossible to get anything out of him and then the minute it’s bed time he won’t stop talking!

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